AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair
Welcome to AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair. Family Owned and Operated. We serve all Southern California. We have emergency 24/7 Air Conditioning & Heating/HVAC repair service available FOr you need call us at 877 324-4744 or 818 800-1435

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  • HVAC Repair service

    AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

    Our knowledgeable staff is fully equipped to repair any number of HVAC issues.  Some common problems for HVAC units can include: wear and tear from extreme heat, outdoor fan and motor compressor troubles, loss of cooling and excessive noise. 

  • HVAC Installation

    AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

    By using spiral piping, our equipment lasts longer and offers increased airflow and cost effectiveness.  Many of our competitors use flex piping because it's less expensive for them but doesn't last as long for you.  We offer electrical installation for some of our retro-fits and various installation types.

  • HVAC Maintenence

    AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

    We offer complete servicing and yearly maintenence on all of your homes heating and cooling equipment. It is important to not only service but regularly check all of your homes equipment. This is the best way to stop costly repairs before they happen.

Air Conditioning And Heating/HVAC Repair service Contractor

,CA Air Conditioning & Heating/HVAC Repair service Contractor , our Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC Repair service Contractors In ,CA. will design, install and maintain a custom centralized system for your home or office. Whether you need to simply Air conditioning to your existing furnace, For you need to add a complete system including ductwork, registers, controls, etc. We have the system that will fit your individual needs. Let us evaluate your existing system and provide you with a competitive estimate for installation of a new energy efficient system in your home today.

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Home Heating And Air Conditioning/HVAC Repair service

What is Air conditioning? It is usually defined or described as the elimination of heat from the air in a room by providing thermal comfort. In other words, it is a process or form of modification of air in a room. An air conditioner or AC is an appliance used to alter the temperature of air in a room or a certain area. Although an AC can be used to design a home or add some artistic value to it, it also carries with it some health issues.

A person may be at risk of acquiring some specific diseases like Legionnaire s disease. This may be possible because the system that Air conditioning creates promotes the development of and spread of the disease-causing microorganisms. This is only possible if air conditioning is done improperly. If proper sanitation, filtration, and disinfection are to be done then the occurrence of this disease will most likely be decreased. Another issue is the fact that Air conditioning can cause dehydration.

Air conditioning is not only for home improvement alone but also for its other purpose functions like refrigerating and preserving foods such as meats and veggies. Not only that, it may also be used in storing medicines and other things. Surely air conditioning is not only for home purposes but for other places too like hospitals and their operating rooms because it may lower the risk of developing infection significantly. But still, air-conditioning truly is a great Investment for a person who wants to improve his home.

Services We Provide

Heater Repairs
Heater Installation
Heat Pumps
Ductless Heating
Scheduled Maintenance
AC Repairs
AC Installation
Ductless Cooling Systems
Apartments & Condominiums
Air Cleaners
Whole House Air Purification
Air Duct Inspection
Property Management


HVAC Repair service Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor Mechanical Offers The Following Services

Air Conditioning Repair Services:

Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioner Installation
Air Conditioner Repair
Air Conditioner Replacement
Central Air Conditioning Repair
Central Air Conditioner Installation
Central Air Conditioner Replacement
Air Duct Installation and Repair
Air Cleaner Installation
Air Cleaner Repair
Air Handler Repair
Air Handler Replacement
Air Handler Installation
Air Duct for Air Conditioners Installation
Air Conditioning Air Duct Repair
Heating Repair Services:

Heating Repair
Heating Installation
Heater Repair
Heater Replacement
Central Heating Installation
Central Heating Repair
Furnace Installation
Furnace Repair
Furnace Replacement
Indoor Coils Replacement
Indoor Coils Repair
Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Replacement
Heating Air Duct Repair

AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service we have been taking care of customers in Tujunga, CA We have  the best ac repair available in Tujunga, CA Why are they satisfied? Because we do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.

You have access to the newest and best ac repair products and services in Tujunga, CA because of our commitment to being the best. AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service is an active member of several trade associations in Tujunga, CA composed of the best ac repair heating and cooling contractors in the country.


Due to our related business affiliations, AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service is constantly learning about the newest and best ac repair products and services available in Tujunga, CA We are on the cutting edge of technology for both servicing of your system and proper design and installation of your equipment in Tujunga, CA


Compare our guarantees with our competition. Compare the ease in dealing with our company with the hassles and broken promises you often get with other companies. This is why AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service continues to grow in Tujunga, CA every year with more satisfied customers each and every year. Give us a call for your service and installation needs and see what you've been missing.


We don't just meet current codes and requirements, we exceed them! Tujunga, CA Area Families Depend on Us for their Homes HVAC Needs.


There are many good, high quality contractors in the greater Los Angeles area. The simple, sad truth is that by far the majority are not quality contractors. Many people fall into the trap of going with best ac repair company because they offer the cheapest price. The question you have to ask is why are they cheaper? Are they qualified to evaluate the entire house as a system? Do they own the diagnostic tools required to properly evaluate and install your systems? Do they know how to use those diagnostic tools? Do they have workers compensation insurance? Remember, the cheapest price gets you the cheapest job. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.


AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service is a licensed contractor in Tujunga, CA and is thoroughly trained on evaluating your heating and air conditioning system. We have all the latest diagnostic software, flow hoods, blower doors, title 24 energy calculation software, combustion diagnostic tools, refrigeration circuit analyzers, and more, all designed to properly diagnose and install your HVAC systems. AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service carries all required Workers' Compensation and liability insurance.

Having the job done right, complying with codes, and maintaining adequate insurance is important for liability reasons. If a worker is injured on job and the contractor is not insured, the homeowner can be held liable. If there is an insurance claim in Tujunga, CA due to a fire or an accident that is related to unlicensed work or work for which no permit was obtained, your insurance company may dispute the claim. Of course you also want to avoid questions related to workmanship when you sell the house, which may wind up costing you more than the original job to correct.

With AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac Service, you have peace of mind in Tujunga, CA. We are a fixture in the community for over 45 years. You know that you are not dealing with a fly-by-night organization that will leave you hung out to dry.

Our installation technicians are simply the best in Tujunga, CA! They are courteous, knowledgeable, and complete every job with speed and precision. You will be amazed by the high quality of their skill and workmanship in Tujunga, CA. They show respect and strive to make customers comfortable throughout the entire process, by maintaining a clean and orderly environment, and by not smoking or swearing in your home. We have a drug testing policy which requires that all employees be drug-free. If for some reason we have not lived up to these set standards, you won't pay until you are completely satisfied! This our pledge to you, our guarantee!

Our large volume enables us to offer low prices that include delivery and installation in Tujunga, CA. Our experienced service experts, parts department, and installation crews give our customers worry-free maintenance in Tujunga, CA; prolong a unit's life; and result in greater efficiency, for still more savings. These are advantages you will not get from an appliance store in Tujunga, CA or other so-called specialists.


We carry Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, McQuay, and other fine brands, and we service all major makes in Tujunga, CA. Our company often has limited discount offers, for pre-season sales, Spring checkouts, anti-pollution cleaning, and other good deals in Tujunga, CA. We also overhaul units to make them perform like new. Our company also sells replacement filters, Saf-T-Bars, and sleeves in Tujunga, CA.


We Service Homes And Businesses Across Tujunga, CA

AC Air Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

We service the areas of Ventura County, and Orange County with heating and cooling HVAC repair services, solar panels, condenser repair services and more. Our customers most often come from beautiful communities of Sherman Oaks, Encino, Chatsworth, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Glendale, Studio City, Canoga Park, North Hollywood, Agoura Hills, Northridge, Tarzana , Mission Hills, Alhambra, Porter Ranch, Camarillo, Moorpark, Solvang, Carpenteria, Oak View, Simi Valley, Montecito, Palmdale, Santa Clarita and many more, providing expert services of heating, cooling, air conditioning repair, heater repair and solar panels installation and repair.

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